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Wedding hair
We at Gillian Edgeworth Hair Studio offer a great team of friendly, professional and creative hair stylists. Our aim is to ensure your day is an amazing and memorable experience. All of our fully qualified hair stylists are highly experienced, specialising in creative upstyling and have worked alongside industry leaders.

Our hair stylists are available to do wedding hair trials at the client’s convenience.
Stylists will give clients the latest up to date advice on products and preparing your hair prior to you wedding day.
Clients will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, were we try and create a stress free environment so that the bride can sit back and relax on their wedding day.
Any member of the wedding party can be catered for on the day including the mother of the bride. Bridesmaids, flower girls and even the groom!
Attention to detail will be given in the finishing touches and assisting the bride in the final preparation with her tiara and veil of flowers.
Our stylist will also commute to desired location if required.

QOD Treatments
Straightening & De-Frizzing
QOD Treatments are globally recognized to be one of the first Original Brazilian Keratin Treatment products to be introduced to Hair Professionals and since then QOD have developed new improved treatments such as the QOD Max Silver, which is a high performance hair mask designed to reduce volume and frizz, resulting in sleek, smooth hair.

QOD has developed a large range of professional hair treatment products, with the highest possible concentration of ingredients to deliver the result our customers expect: a vibrant and healthy hair.

Hair Extensions
Extensions for hair
Gold Fever Hair Extensions are brought to you by the latest generation of the Gold family. Pioneering in the Hair Industry has thus resumed! Our Exclusive sourcing, our knowledge of processing & our new technology once again enable us to provide the finest quality hair extensions in the world and resume our tradition of a lifelong commitment to excellence.

Gold Fever Hair Extensions exclusively use Indian Ritual Hair that is 100% Ethical & Traceable. We personally oversee what we buy and how it is processed in our new bespoke facilities thus ensuring that only the highest quality product is brought to market.

Balayage Hair
Balayage allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks.
Balayage is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise you would have a streak of colour that isn’t very soft at all. It can also be called a freehand technique because no foil or meche are used to create the highlights and works on all hair lengths except very short cropped hair.
  • Short Blowdry - €23.00
  • Medium Blowdry - €29.00
  • Long/Extensions Blowdry - €35.00
  • GHD Curls - €30.00
  • Upstyle (From) - €40.00
  • QOD Treatment - €99.00
  • Ladies Cut (Gillian) - €60.00
  • Ladies Cut - €54.00
  • Student Ladies Cut - € 43.20*
  • Gents Cut - €32.00
  • Student Gents Cut - €26.50*
Colour (From)
  • Partial Tint - €25.00
  • Retouch Tint - €46.00
  • Full Tint - €60.00
  • Tint + Floods - €78.00
  • Semi - €50.00
  • Semi + Floods - €78.00
Highlights (From)
  • Flash - €40.00
  • T-bar - €60.00
  • ½ Head - €80.00
  • Full Head Short - €95.00
  • Full Head Medium - €110.00
  • Full Head Long - €130.00
  • Balayage - €90.00
  • Colour Change - €150.00
Hair Extensions
  • Gold Fever Hair Extensions - Price by Quotation
  • Joico/L’oreal (from) - €15.00
  • Olaplex - €34.95

*Student prices only available on Tuesday and Wednesday.